Looking Out the Window

We recently had a blow of edgy, dangerous thunderstorms. The sporting event on TV had been interrupted by a weather bulletin.

The weatherman appeared to be operating in an overly excited state; darting around the Doppler radar map, pointing out a line of dangerous storms here; possible rotation there, occasionally warning viewers in specific locales that they should be in their safe places. It was valuable, important, potentially life-saving work. Technology put to good use. But the broadcaster seemed to be enjoying himself a bit too much.IMG_9878


I grew up on Herring Street in a small house that faced southwest; the approach route of most mean-edged summer storms. My idea of checking the weather was to look out the window; a practical approach I adapted to my general outlook on life. That explains many things.


One thought on “Looking Out the Window

  1. Well that small house on Herring st in the small town was in “TORNADO ALLEY”. If there was a thunderstorm wit in 100 miles when it got there it was bad.

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