Something about me

I spend most of my work time fishing and hunting and hiking and camping and shooting and doing other things outdoors then writing about them for The Courier-Journal and Kentucky Monthly I’m also a contributing editor for Field & Stream and others.

I’m married to a splendid woman and our union has produced two dazzling daughters and I generally consider myself to be the luckiest man alive.

Me with a northern pike that was about to become a Canada shore lunch


4 thoughts on “Something about me

  1. Gary, I’d like to connect you with my client Under Armour eyewear. We have a new collection meant for the outdoorsman called STORM that has great styles for men and women. Please let me know of your interest and if we can send you review product. Thanks, Lisa

  2. Hi, Gary,
    I wanted to tell you thank you for your articles in the C-J which I have followed regularly and how much your final piece about fishing with your daughters meant to me. I have a 26 year-old daughter myself who is getting married next month. Time spent with our children is important. Good luck in your continued work.

    John Nation

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